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Online Ion a leading provider of Business hosting solutions which include web and email hosting, email hosting, reseller hosting, dedicated servers and SSL certificates. Based in Singapore, we are able to serve hosting needs worldwide.

Online Ion has been in this business since 2011 serving customers looking for reliable one-stop hosting services.
We differ ourselves with the rest of this industry because we provide not only web hosting services, but your personal IT support on your web host. No one comes close on what you will be getting.

Enterprise Quality

Our focus is in providing affordable, reliable and fully secure web and email hosting services to businesses. Our unique systems architecture ensures reliability, redundancy and security. We are confident that you will receive the best service this industry has to offer.

We insist on using only enterprise-grade hardware and we never compromise on our technical support. Our team of highly qualified and dedicated engineers work round the clock monitoring our network, ensuring that systems runs smoothly. They are always on hand to ensure that you get prompt response to support questions 24/7/365.

Online Ion Advantage

Our wealth of experience enables us to implement best of breed solutions and we truly believe that our hosting technology is one of the most robust and stable platforms. Over the years, we have refined our technology, created new technology partnerships and grown our supporting departments, all with you in mind. We insist on deploying only enterprise-grade hardware so that you can rest assure knowing that your data resides on stable and reliable systems. When you host with us, you are in good, safe hands.