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Why should I have a dedicated IP?

A dedicated IP address is a contrast to a shared IP address; the former is solely yours, the latter is not only yours but is also owned by others. You see, it’s like having your home (with dedicated IP) versus having a shared home (with shared IP), i.e., an apartment perhaps, where you share space with others.

Like having your home, the advantage of having a dedicated IP address is just marvellous. You have full control of your space. Plus, you will also have simpler solutions to any problem you may encounter; whereas with having a shared IP, fixing just one problem may be more complicated.

The depletion of unallocated IPv4 addresses causes Data Centre to reuse them (e.g. when the customer changes). Most of the time, the reused IPs already blacklisted in the anti-spam database. The blacklisted IP causes your emails to be blocked by the recipients’ email servers.

We will help you purchase a new IP address and check against the major blacklisted database. Should we discover any, we will contact them to remove your IP. Should any of them refuse to remove the IP from their blacklist database, we will change the IP for you and repeat the process until you IP is clean from the blacklisted database.

This process is tedious, but we will do it at no extra cost. We want you to get the best deal.

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